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Specially designed to improve safety and lessen penetration forces when crossing the interatrial septum.

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Product Features

Radiopaque coil makes the 0.014 inch diameter wire easily visible fluoroscopically ​Specially designed tip configuration requires less force than a standard transseptal needle, enabling effortless penetration of the fossa ​‘J’ shape allows safe advancement to assure proper wire location within left atrium ​Transseptal needle and dilator are rendered atraumatic when tracking over the SafeSept ​Proximal marker bands help determine SafeSept tip location relative to trans-septal needle tip during the procedure ​135cm length for compatibility with all currently available adult transseptal introducer systems

The very sharp tip of the SafeSept® requires less force than a conventional transseptal needle to cross the interatrial septum, making access easier, especially in difficult or previously failed cases, improving the safety of whatever introducer system you are currently using.














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Transseptal Access System

The SafeSheath II family of introducers combines the time-tested design of a tear-away sheath and hemostatic valve with new and improved features to reduce back bleeding and the possibility of air embolism during venous access.

SafeSheath® II 
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