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Radial Compression
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They Vygon Seal One Radial Compression device gives the user easy control of radial artery compression in all patients, no matter the wrist size.

Seal One's dial allows for precise adjustment and control of compression level as well as secured and regulated decompression of the device.


High Visibility of the Puncture Site

  • Transparent compression pad

  • Central marker on compression pad


Targeting the Radial Artery

  • Specific design of the compression pad

  • No compression of the ulnar artery

  • Enabled venous return


Secured Wrist Strap by a Tab


Precise Adjustment and Control of Compression Level

  • Compression / Decompression knob with scale


Secured and Precise Decompression

  • Secured button

  • Limited risk of unintended decompression

  • Decompression / compression knob with scale

  • Step by step decompression


Easier Monitoring of Decompression Protocol

  • Display of seal one® positioning time


Simplified Handling: No Syringe Required for Compression and Decompression


Easy Stock Management: Only One Reference

  • Suitable for right or left wrist

  • Adjustable wristband even for small wrists:

  • NEW: adapter pad for small wrists (circumference ≤ 16 cm) supplied with seal one®

Brochure Seal One
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