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Cardiologic's Carbon Footprint:
A Commitment to Sustainability

In our ongoing pursuit of environmental responsibility, Cardiologic has taken proactive steps to measure and manage our carbon footprint. According to industry benchmarks, office administration-based organizations typically range between 2 and 5 tonnes of carbon emissions per employee, while high-energy businesses may register significantly higher footprints, reaching 10-30 tonnes per employee.

We are proud to report that Cardiologic stands at the forefront of sustainable practices with a carbon footprint of 3.4 tonnes per employee, slightly below the industry average of 3.5 tonnes for office organisations.

To further solidify our commitment to Net Zero, Cardiologic is implementing a strategic carbon management process:

1. Measure: We have already taken the crucial first step by assessing our organisation's carbon footprint, as evidenced by this report. Accurate measurement is the foundation for informed decision-making and effective emission reduction strategies.

2. Carbon Offset: Recognising the importance of compensating for the environmental impact we have generated, Cardiologic is actively engaged in carbon offset initiatives. By investing in projects that mitigate emissions elsewhere, we aim to counterbalance the damage already done.


3. Reduce Emissions In-House: Cardiologic is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint internally. By implementing targeted initiatives to decrease emissions at the source, we aim to both minimise the need for offsetting and contribute to a sustainable, low-impact operation.

Please view our full Carbon Reduction Plan below. 
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