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PCA 500

By QT Medical

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Portable 12-lead ECG tests

No medical training required

Download the User Manual:


PCA500 in Action

Single use, fully disposable electrodes.
Compact recording device and results sent straight for analysis.

Simplicity: All in one piece

Patented Pre-positioned Electrode Strips makes ECG test so simple with no experience or training.

Efficiency: Save up to 70% of procedure time

No lead wires and no complex leads placement. 

Accuracy: Greatly Reduce lead-placement error

2% of ECG tests have lead-placement errors that can lead to misdiagnoses. PCA 500 greatly reduces the chances for such errors.

Manage All in cloud

All ECGs are managed in the GDPR-compliant cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. ECG reports in pdf are EPR-compatible.

If you’d like more information about PCA500's features, get in touch today.

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