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Watch enables:
24/7 self-monitoring of heart conditions and vital signs.

CardiacSense Medical Watch

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  • Continuous Pulse Rate Monitoring
  • Continuous Respiratory Rate Monitoring
  • On-the-spot ECG Recording
  • On-the-spot SPO2 Monitor 
  • Total Sleep Time Calculated
  • Data sent straight to your doctor 

Please note: the blood pressure feature will be available to UK customer in mid 2024. All CardiacSense watch owners get a free software update when a new feature becomes available.


Housed in a beautifully designed watch, and outfitted with the most diverse vital sign measurement capabilities in a single wearable device, the CardiacSense watch provides hassle-free monitoring and delivers greater peace of mind.

  • What does the watch monitor?
    The watch will monitor your Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate 24/7 in medical accuracy. The only time you are not monitored is when the watch is charging. This takes up to 2 hours and is necessary around every 4 days. If the watch detects a heart rhythm abnormality, it will automatically prompt you for a spot-check ECG recording or, you can begin an ECG recording manually at any time. This on-the-spot test also measure your SPO2 levels. The watch also records your step count and calories burned. These measurements, along with your Heart Rate, are continuously displayed on the home screen of the watch. The watch uses heart rate and respiratory rate measurements, and movement captured by accelerometer, to calculate sleep time. This sleep time is displayed in the report. Over the next year, CardiacSense will have a blood pressure monitoring feature added to the watch. All customers will have a free watch software update as these parameters become available.
  • What can the watch detect?
    The watch continuously monitors your Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate. It is continuously detecting for signs of Atrial Fibrillation, a condition that causes an irregular heart beat and requires medical treatment to prevent a stroke.
  • How does my Dr see the recording of the watch?
    We can setup a login for your Doctor to have constant access of your medical data from the watch. At any time using the mobile application, you can email or text a report generated from the recordings of the watch to your Dr. Additionally CardiacSense will automatically generate monthly reports of your data and email this to you which you can forward to your Dr.
  • How do I see the recordings of the watch?
    You can view your Heart Rate, step count, and calories burned on the watch interface. Using the mobile application 'CardiacSense' you can view your vital signs and ECG recordings in an easy-to-read dashboard.
  • What happens if the watch detects an irregular Heart Rate?
    Following detection of an irregular pulse, the watch will prompt you to take a spot-check ECG recording. Here you will place your thumb and index finger on the watch sensors for a few minutes. The watch will vibrate when the recording is complete. Free of charge, you can send your vital signs report from the mobile application to your Dr via email or text.
  • What is the watch's accuracy?
    The watch is as accurate as any ECG based device that your doctor will prescribe to you when they would like long term monitoring. Check out the clinic trial data below that shows the accuracy of the CardiacSense algorithm.
  • Can I access my measurement history?
    Yes, all measurements will be uploaded to your cloud file and once a month a detailed report of your conditions will be sent to you over email.
  • I have an Android. Will the watch be compatible?
    Yes. The CardiacSense watch is compatible with Android and Apple devices.
  • Does the watch require an internet connection?
    No, the watch connects via Bluetooth to the patient’s mobile phone and does not require internet connection.
  • What is included in the watch purchase?
    Your watch will arrive with a charging cradle, spare watch strap, quick start guide and warranty booklet. Purchase of the watch enables you to manually send any reports generated by the watch to your Dr via the mobile application. In a few months, you will be offered a subscription service whereby your Dr can access the CardiacSense Patient Portal and view your vital sign reports 24/7, without you needing to send a report.
  • Can I run/jog/swim with the watch?
    Yes of course. The watch has an IP67 standard. This means it can be worn during exercise, showering and in water up to a depth of 5feet.

Clinical CardiacSense Results

CardiacSense Results.png

Clinical studies demonstrated the accuracy of the CardiacSense algorithm: 99% sensitivity and 99% specificity in distinguishing atrial fibrillation (AF) from sinus rhythm.

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