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Stick-and-go cardiac monitoring
Single-use comfortable 2-lead continuous monitoring
Mawi is a complete cardiac monitoring solution...
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Easy to wear

2-lead patch

Up to 7 days monitoring,
fitting patients’ lifestyle

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How does the Mawi cardiac monitoring service work?

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Doctor prescribes a patch, and the device is applied to the patient: at home or in-clinic

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Patient wears the patch and then mails or brings it back to practice

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Staff uploads the data to the cloud and Mawi analyses this data

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Physician receives a high-quality actionable report shortly

Mawi In Action

Single use and fully disposable. 
With sensor being integrated into the patch itself Mawi monitor is fully disposable and indeed a single use.

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AI for a beat-to-beat
determination. Mawi algorithms scan each beat of a cardiogram and can detect all critical rhythm abnormalities.

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2 channels for a sufficient detection. X-shaped multiple vectors help to overcome signal-to-noise limitations to provide continuous uninterrupted data.

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