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Salvage of platelet rich red blood cells

The HemoClear autologous blood transfusion microfilter system provides high quality, washed and concentrated red blood cells (RBC’s) and functional platelets from blood collected either intra or post operatively.


How does HemoClear work?

HemoClear utilises a gravity fed, cross flow microfiltration system to separate red blood cells and platelets from plasma, white blood cells and other non-cellular components.

The system provides up to 90% of healthy red blood cells. HemoClear also salvages up to 70% of platelets, which are not activated by the gentle filtration process.

No need for
capital investment.

Can be operated by anybody trained in transfusion.

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High quality, platelet rich autlogous red blood cells in 30 minutes.

Simple set up in
under 5 minutes. 

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