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Quick, easy and reliable way to plan using echo data
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Key product features
  • For all major 3D US systems

  • user-friendly measurements

  • dedicated Mitral replacement and repair measurements

  • Measure neo-LVOT on echo

  • Suitable for the planning of LAA, Mitral, Tricuspid, Pulmonary, and Aortic procedures

Although CT is becoming a golden standard for most valve replacement and LAA closure procedures analyzing 3D echo data is also highly relevant. To help with the planning of Structural heart interventions, independent of the used echo system, a 3D TEE workflow has been added to the 3mensio structural heart software.

With a mix of automatic, automated, and free measurements, we can do relevant measurements for all structural heart interventions. Use the cine function to fully benefit from the 4D datasets.

For the analysis of the mitral valve, a couple of specific measurements are added. It is possible to trace the mitral annulus and leaflets which will automatically give you the annulus dimensions, leaflet length, tenting, and co-adaptation. But for the first time ever it is also possible to do neo-LVOT measurements directly on echo data. This can be done after drawing a centerline through the aorta and placing a fully adjustable virtual valve.

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