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4D Flow

Complete assessment of your MR 4D Flow data

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Key product features
  • Intracardiac analysis with automated valve tracking

  • Visualization and quantification of blood flow in just a few clicks

  • Load and analyze 4D flow datasets from all main OEM vendors

Key Results:

  • Visualization of aortic blood flow as streamlines, pathlines and color-coded vectors

  • Distribution of wall shear stress and local values of wall shear stress

  • Pressure difference over a segment

  • Visualization and quantification of regurgitant fraction over all four valves

  • 2D flow phase-contract analysis


Dr. Malenka Bissell,
University of Leeds

The Caas analysis tool makes 4D Flow MRI analysis quick and straight forward. The valve tracking option is intuitive. Its flexibility allows analysis of even the most complex congenital heart disease.

Dr. Jérémy Rabineau
Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

At ULB - together with ESA, NASA and the DLR, we study the cardiovascular deconditioning induced by spaceflights. The comprehensible workflows of Caas MR solutions 4D flow helps us to understand arterial and intra-cardiac flow in volunteers and astronauts/cosmonauts. 

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