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SafeSheath® II

Hemostatic Peel-away Introducer System for Vascular Access

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Product Features

Standard 13cm length and 23cm Long model for access beyond the right subclavian-SVC junction. Extruded score line peel-away sheath for clean, even peel. ​Longer, smoother sheath tip to dilator transition for ease during sheath insertion ​Lubricated hemostatic valve with low insertion and withdrawal forces yields greater control during lead manipulation, reducing risk of blood loss and air embolism ​Convenient sideport for infusion and contrast injection ​Wide range of French sizes ​French size printed on handle and indicated by color-coded introducer cap ​Elastomer snap-locking dilator connector with French size embossed on handle ​Ergonomic, easy-splitting break-away hub

The SafeSheath II family of introducers combine the time-tested design of a tear-away sheath and hemostatic valve with new and improved features to reduce back bleeding and the possibility of air embolism during venous access.

SafeSheath II Introduced into the subclavian vein in the standard manner, the hemostatic valve of the SafeSheath II seals the device during lead introduction and positioning.















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Transseptal Access System

The very sharp tip of the SafeSept® requires less force than a conventional transseptal needle to cross the interatrial septum, making access easier, especially in difficult or previously failed cases, improving the safety of whatever introducer system you are currently using.

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