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Enpath Myocardial Leads

Enpath Medical is one of a very few companies in the world that develops and manufactures implantable stimulation leads, lead delivery systems and lead accessories for Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) and Neuromodulation applications.


Enpath manufactures its own proprietary implantable leads and implant tools, as well as serving as a contract product development and manufacturing company for many OEM customers.

Enpath Medical has been supplying implantable pacemaker leads to the CRM market since 1989 and holds a number of patents relating to pacing leads and implant tools. We have been successfully partnering in the development and manufacture of implantable stimulation leads for OEM customers in the field of Neuromodulation since mid-1990.

Enpath Epicardial Pacing Lead and Implant Tool

This unique tool has been developed specifically for addressing the challenges of surgically placing a sutureless, screw-in lead on the heart's epicardial surface using mini-thoracotomy and thoracoscopic approaches.

The FasTac® Flex works in conjunction with Enpath’s MyoPore® line of sutureless epicardial leads to provide surgeons with remote distal deflection capabilities, remote lead rotation for insertion of the helix into the myocardium, and remote lead release and the possibility of regrasping the lead button.

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