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Omega LAA Occluder

The Omega LAA Occluder, is the dawn of a new era in LAA Closure.  Its unique Cup and Disc design provides a secure anchor on which the Disc seals the ostium of the LAA.  The Cup is conformable, self-centering and self-articulating and provides a gentle pull force on the Disc that complety covers and seals the ostium.  The Omega is a one piece design made from a micromesh of platinum coated nitinol, which makes it both more radiopaque and echogenic than uncoated devices.

The Cup..png

The softness and conformability of the Cup allows for a more forgiving implant with up to 40% compression. Recommended compression is 10% to 20%.


The mechanism of the inverted Cup creates a gentle tension on the Disc ensuring complete closure of the LAA.


The micromesh Cup design allows for complete circumferential apposition to the LAA wall this, coupled with 4/5 pairs of hooks, provides the Cup stability required for a more effective closure.


The flexibility of the Omega allows for both the Cup and Disc to be deployed coaxially to the anatomy of both the appendage and the ostium independently.

First-in-human results of the OMEGA™
Left Atrial Appendage Occluder

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