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External Pacemakers

Ease of use:


  • Digital design single and dual chamber external temporary pacemakers

  • Touch screen system (patented) with optional side button use.

  • Quick & easy to set-up and use

  • No confusing sub-menus

  • Absolute accuracy with a digital display

  • Intuitive to use

  • Robust Protection covers to protect the T10 & T20 from everyday impacts

  • Internal back-up battery for stress free battery changes.

Both The PACE T10 single external temporary pacemaker and the PACE T20 dual chamber external temporary pacemaker are indicated for transvenous or myocardial pacing of the heart.

These T-series pacers have been developed for in catheter lab and theatre use with patients and if necessary for in transit applications.

The T10 & T20 are the first temporary pacemakers with patented touch-screen systems for easy and safe use without any submenus.

For easy use the context-sensitive display management changes with the selected pacemaker mode. Both the single PACE T10 and the dual-chamber model PACE T20 deliver all needed and important pacemaker modes.

Cardiologic T10

Cardiologic T20

Protective Cover

Robust covers protect the T10 and T20 from the everyday exposure to impacts in theatres and wards.


Attributes for practical application:

  • Easy fitting of the unit on the patient’s arm and bed by using silicon bumpers and or Velcro bands.

  • Highly accurate Digital precision

  • Real electrical floating outputs

  • Stimulation pulse with two phases (negative and positive polarity) for neutralisation of electrical charge at the electrodes

  • Protected against defibrillation energy

  • Internal backup battery system allows for a stress-free replacement of the batteries during pacing

  • Long-lasting AA batteries (low power design)

  • Energy-saving design with and illuminated LCD

  • Easy and automatic locking of functions against unintended use

  • Automatic and manual programming of TARP, AV-delay, PVARP and MTR

  • Overwind-protected collets (patented) with an effective diameter from 0.9 to 2.1 millimeters

  • Easy cleaning and low risk of microbiological contamination.

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