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cardiologic Logo real version copy.png

CardioLogic Ltd specialises in the distribution, marketing and development of innovative medical devices, Medical IT and telemedicine services. 

Working with novel technologies to improve both the treatment and the standard of care for cardiology, cardiac surgery and stroke patients.

Cardiologic Ltd is both an ISO9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited company.


The CardiacSense watch is the most advanced, clinically proven solution in cardiac monitoring. Reliable as it is innovative, it is the novel way to ensure constant monitoring of the cardiac system and blood pressure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for as long as it’s needed.

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Until now, there has not been a radiation protection strategy that protects the entire cath-lab team. An integrated work platform built on a carbon fibre sled base designed to drastically reduce scatter radiation exposure without disrupting workflow.


3mensio Structural Heart is a software solution that is developed for Interventional Cardiologist and enables them to quickly and accurately plan percutaneous procedure. Different workflows have been developed for:

  • Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)

  • Mitral Replacement and Repair (TMVR and TMVr)

  • Pulmonary Valve Implantation (PPVI)

  • Tricuspid Replacement and Repair (TTVR and TTVr)

  • Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion (LAAO)

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Ventripoint VMS+

The VMS+ is a diagnostic aid that was developed to provide a point of care solution to better communicate the heart's structure and function without the need for MRI.


The VMS+ marries the ingenuity of the cardiac MRI and Echo with the power of Ventripoint's KBR technology.  KBR enables you to construct a 3D model of the heart and calculates volumes and ejection fractions for all chambers with an accuracy comparable to the MRI.

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This extraordinary product, from Bentley Global, combines a highly flexible one-layer stent graft with a low-profile balloon catheter to offer an unrivalled small guiding catheter compatibility. The cobalt-chrome stent platform is covered with a micro-porous ePTFE membrane. 

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Pace T10 & T20

Both The PACE T10 single external temporary pacemaker and the PACE T20 dual chamber external temporary pacemaker are used for transvenous or myocardial pacing of the heart.

The T10 & T20 are the first temporary pacemakers with patented touch-screen systems for easy and safe use without any submenus.

Brainance MD

Brainance MD is the first web based all in one brain imaging software platform, with modules for DTI, DSC Perfusion, fMRI and Fusion. The software combines a state of the art machine learning Brain MRI analysis software, with the flexibility of an online platform, allowing for multiple users to share and concurrently access workflows and combining the necessary imaging handling and manipulation capabilities in order to assist in displaying, reviewing and analysing 2D and 3D brain MRI studies.

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Andocor is a Belgian company active in the field of cardiovascular surgery and anesthesiology. They manufacture high-quality cardiac catheters and cannulae.

ePatch 2.0

Heart Monitoring made easy. Continuous monitoring of vital physiological signs provides valuable information on a person’s state of health. Longer and easier monitoring periods at home or in hospitals add crucial information.

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CAAS vFFR calculates the pressure drop in coronary vessels without the need for a pressure wire. The vFFR module builds a 3D reconstruction of two angiograms and assesses pressure-drop, resulting in a vFFR value. Furthermore, the 3D reconstruction will enable assessment of severity and percentage of stenosis.

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