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Our Latest Portfolio Addition - HemoClear

We are thrilled to announce the addition of HemoClear to our portfolio of medical devices. HemoClear is a blood filter that, at severe blood loss, allows you to collect the blood, wash it and re-infuse high-quality, platelet rich autologous blood within 30 minutes. This groundbreaking microfilter boosts autologous blood transfusion options, significantly enhancing red blood cell availability by up to 90%, alongside salvaging up to 70% of inactivated platelets which are ready to re-infuse to the patient.

HemoClear revolutionises the autologous blood transfusion and cell salvage processes by facilitating a straightforward 25-minute filtration procedure that enriches red blood cells, preserves platelets, ultimately ensuring a more efficient blood patient management system. The HemoClear set-up is simple and takes less than five minutes. Once complete, no assistance is needed during the filtering process. See for yourself with a demonstration at your centre! Get in touch to organise a date:


When can HemoClear be used?

Whenever centrifugal salvage technology is not practical, available, or affordable, HemoClear can be used. This could be in the operating room for major surgeries, cardiac, vascular, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, or neurosurgery. Perhaps at the intensive care for patients experiencing severe bleeding during recovery. Or, even in acute situations where severe or massive bleeding occurs; trauma room, obstetric room, or remote settings.

The technology behind Hemoclear aligns with Cardiologic's mission to drive advancements in medical practices and we look forward to empowering transfusionists across the country with HemoClear to optimise patient care.

For more information about Hemoclear and Cardiologic's complete range of medical devices, please visit:

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