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Until now, there has not been a radiation protection strategy that protects the entire cath-lab team. With the very recent introduction of the Egg Nest integrated work platform everything changes.


Built on a rigid carbon fibre sled base the Egg Nest is designed to drastically reduce scatter radiation exposure by around 90% for all catheter lab staff without disrupting workflow in any way.

The Egg Nest Sled

  •    Conforms to patient’s body to provide effective shielding 

  • Flexes to allow full X-ray gantry motion

  • Radial, femoral and neck access protection

  • Easily cleaned and draped

  • Antimicrobial and impermeable surface    

The EGGNEST™ is a comprehensive, scatter radiation protection system fully integrated into the workflow of the modern Cath Lab, providing protection for the entire medical team regardless of location, dramatically reducing radiation exposure.

Moves with patient, swings with x-ray, providing passive protection with an integrated antimicrobial and impermeable surface for ease of use.

Egg Medical's radiation protection system was highlighted in a live case during the 2021 Radcliffe Cardiology CORE meeting. The case was performed by Dr. Jonathan Hill from London Bridge Hospital with commentary by Professor James Spratt.

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