Our Solutions.

BioTel ePatch 2.0

Heart rhythm monitoring made easy. Continuous monitoring of ECG  provides valuable information on a person’s state of health. Longer and easier monitoring periods at home or in hospitals adds crucial information.

Bentley BeGraft Coronary

The BeGraft Coronary Stent Graft System is indicated for transluminal implantation in coronary arteries for the treatment of acute coronary artery perforation and rupture, coronary artery aneurysm and coronary bypass-vein graft aneurysm. 

3mensio TAVI & Vascular workflows.

3mensio Workstation is intended for visualization and analysis of CT images allowing for quick, easy and reliable preparation of endovascular interventions, aortic & mitral valve procedures (like TAVI) and many others.

SafeSheath II

SafeSheath II's family of introducers combine the time-tested design of a tear-away sheath and hemostatic valve with new and improved features to reduce back bleeding and possibility of air embolism during venous access.

Pressure Products SafeSept Guidewires

The SafeSept™ Transseptal Guidewire, is the first significant advance in left atrial access since the Brockenbrough needle. It is a 0.014 inch diameter, 120cm long nitinol guidewire specifically designed for trans septal puncture.


The EGGNEST™ is a comprehensive, scatter radiation protection system fully integrated into the workflow of the modern Cath Lab, providing protection for the entire medical team regardless of location, dramatically reducing radiation exposure.

Pie Medical CAAS vFFR

This software allows for the accurate FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve) measurement through angiogram imaging, eliminating the need for manual, invasive pressure wire measurements and reducing procedure duration.

Cardiologic Wires and Cables

Spooled 60cm and 2.2m Bipolar and Quadripolar heart-wires have confix-type connector pins bonded behind the Thorax needle. Eliminates fiddly and insecure pacemaker connection pins. We also provide single use and resterilisable connection cables


The Andocor Gas Diffuser is a medical device to diffuse CO2 or other neutral gas in the thoracic cavity in order to chase away O2 during surgical intervention.

Replacing O2 by CO2 in the thoracic cavity during open-heart surgery. This reduces the risk of air embolism, which can result in critical organ damage.

The malleable section of Andocor's gas diffusers allows a very precise placement .

They have an innovative microporous diffuser tip which is also hydrophobic to pursue optimal functionality, even when they are wet.

Size stylet: 40cm

Length of Gas Diffuser: 225cm

Cardia Ultrasept

The devices, introduced through standard venous sheaths, offer safe and reliable methods for percutaneous closure of PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale), ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) and for modification of a Fenestrated Fontan.

PieMedical CAAS 4D Flow

CAAS MR 4D flow offers two workflows that are designed to extract relevant information from 3D phase contrast MR images, including streamlines, time-resolved path lines, color coded vectors, 2D flow, and Wall Shear Stress parameters.

Cardiologic T10 & T20

Both The PACE T10 single external temporary pacemaker and the PACE T20 dual chamber external temporary pacemaker are used for highly accurate digital precision of transvenous or myocardial pacing of the heart.

Enpath Myocardial

The Enpath Epicardial pacing lead and implant tool has been developed specifically for the challenges of surgically placing a sutureless, screw-in lead on the heart's epicardial surface using mini-thoracotomy and thoracoscopic approaches.

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