Philips ePatch Holter Service


Heart Monitoring for the Covid-19 Era.

the Philips ePatch Service easily fits into your hospital and clinic's telemedicine workflow. 

Patients can receive and apply the ePatch monitor in their homes with the aid of easy to follow instructions and or video.

The entire system is IG compliant with no patient identifiable data being transmitted.

The analysis and reporting is enhanced utilising the power of a 16-layer neural network with physiologist oversight providing unsurpassed accuracy in minutes. This has been clinically proven to reduce by 20-fold the false positive rate from R_R based analysis in the detection of Atrial Fibrillation with a published 96.8% sensitivity and 99.2% specificity before oversight.

The continuous monitoring of cardiac rhythm provides valuable information on a person’s state of health. Longer and easier monitoring periods at home or in hospitals adds potentially crucial diagnostic information.

Extended ambulatory cardiac ECG monitoring with the Biotel ePatch2  gives you a larger and clearer window into your patient’s heart rhythm. Up to 14 days of single channel uninterrupted monitoring or 7 days of 2 channel monitoring helps ensure you don’t miss critical information. Find the answers you need in a single test and provide superior clinical service for your patients.

The Philips ePatch 2 is the answer to your remote rhythm monitoring needs 

About the Philips ePatch monitor.

The ePatch 2.0 is a small, lightweight body-worn patch sensor that adheres to the skin. It is also available in a non-patch configuration if needed.


ePatch 2.0 continuously records and stores heart rhythm data that subsequently can be downloaded and evaluated by cardiac monitoring professionals.

Designed for Compliance

  • Comfortable Patch electrode

  • Available configurations: 1, 2 or 3 channel ECGs

  • Standard 48 hour to 14 day holter options

  • Small and lightweight - simple to use, discreet to wear

  • No battery changes or charging required for patients 

  • Water-resistant, so patients can shower while monitoring

  • FDA 501(k)-cleared and EU MDD CE Mark

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